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    a. If you are having troubles logging in (i.e. incorrect email login; or don't remember your password...)

    b. Please send us feedback about the site... what you like ... what you'd like to see added/improved.... Great to hear from ya! 


Need A Password? Want to Sign-Up on the site for the first time? 

a. On the upper left side of your site menu list, Click LION Profiles, select your Class Year and then find your name.  Click on your name and follow the instructions to create your login. Please  for important info you need to know when filling out your profiles. Thanks!  

b. If you can not find your name in your Class Year, please fill out the form below to have your name added to your class/graduating year.  Married ladies, please include maiden name.

c. IF you attended Baker but didn't graduate,  you are welcome to join our Baker All Classes website - Lionspride but we must confirm you attended Baker. In making your request to join Lionspride, please add the following information:

    1. Tell us exactly how your name was listed when you attended Baker.
    2. The years you attended Baker and which Class Year you were in (the year you would have graduated if you had stayed at Baker).
    3. Which annuals we can find your school photo in....

d. IF you don't  receive a response from us within 48 hours, email Cathy Cameron Bowden, '72 to inquire about the status of your request.

e. All requests are emailed directly to us.  If you have questions, please fill out the form below and someone will reply just as quickly as possible. REMEMBER to click the down arrow on the Optional Bar and designate your class year!  Also, please fill out the subject line and comments!


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