BL Law Enforcement Memorial

Baker Lions Law Enforcement Memorial

Many Baker Lions chose Law Enforcement as their career field, served our country by protecting our citizens and in performing these duties some sacrificed their lives. Let's join together in honoring and remembering our Law Enforcement Baker Lions who lost their lives while protecting others or were medically retired due to their service and then lost their lives .....


(Note: Please email Tez at letting her know of other Baker Lions who lost their lives in Law Enforcement. Thanks.)

Class of 1974
Larry Tew, Muscogee Sheriff's Captain, died 2 February 2014
Daniel Tharp, Sergeant with Muscogee County Sheriff for over 25 years and was medically  retired prior to his death 9 September 2010.

Class of 1975
Tommy "Spanky" Bowen, Columbus Police Dept, killed 11 March 1984

Class of 1980
Vincent Gregory Pasko, Columbus Police Dept, died 27 August 2013