Fall Gathering 10-28-2017

Dear Lions & Lioness:


No rain was going to hinder the spirit of the LIONS at the gathering. Although I think, that more Lions would have been there if there was no rain. We estimate that there must have been over two hundred at least. Cook was jammed pack and so were the folks in the tents. Terry Tew, BHS 1979, provided the music and bubble machine. Cook's building was jammed packed and all having a great time meeting with friends. A special events happened as Roy Cook, BHS 1968 asked Diane (Pickron) Harris BHS 1967 to be his wife. A very special moment and we are very happy for both. About the only negative thing was, that I think that I was the oldest present, but not too bad since two of the girls from the class of 1972 and 1974 thought that we had some classes together. I told them that we did. I made up some stories (LIES) about them. It was thoroughly enjoyable. Some of the girls have posted some pictures on Facebook and probably on the Baker web site. Remember to sign up for the BHS Quarterly luncheon December 11, 2017. Get your group together and start practicing your Christmas carols as we will sing as we have in the past. Thanks.


Ismael (Ish) Nazario '61  

Roy Cook
3 Photos  10/30/17
Donna Anderson Vandermeer
1 Photo  10/31/17