Class of 64 50th Reunion!


 Dear Lion & Lioness:

 The Baker High School class of 1964 50 yr reunion was a complete success to put it mildly.  There were eighty three in attendance.  Some could not make it due to circumstances and some due to their health.  One such person was Jimmy Payne who had been having chemo and radiation treatments but is now slowly improving.  Please keep all in your prayers.

 I would like to start by first THANKING many for their cooperation and help. Some of the people were;  Israel Guadalupe for helping me  on the registration table and the raffle.  Shelba (Davenport) Burwell and Sandye (Johnson) Nazario relieved us for breaks. Decorations for the banquet room and Hospitality room plus set up were Sandye (Johnson) Nazario, Shelba (Davenport) Burwell, Ivie (Dendy) Bowman, Jean (Presott) Blackwell, Lenny & Sandye Shores and Alan Twichell.  Maryann (Brown) Werner for the delicious meatballs and Mary Ann (Copeland) Holloran for the delicious Winners.

 The party started on Thursday night.  We met at Mark’s City Grill.  There were 20 in attendance.  We had a great time socializing with friends and classmates.  You can go to the Baker Web Site, and on your left look for “BHS Reunion Photos” Click on “1964 Reunion Photos”.  For those who attended and want to share your pictures, please down load them on this page.  After Mark’s City Grill some of us went back to the Holiday Inn where we socialized at the Holiday Inn Lounge.

 Friday we opened registration at 12:00 PM. There was already a crowd who met for snacks, finger food and drinks.  Israel Guadalupe and I were working the registration table and it was great to witness friends who had not seen each other in many years and in some cases 50 years.  Most people went to Cook’s Place for dinner and to see all of the Baker High memorabilia.

Saturday the registration table opened at 10:00 AM.  At 12:00 PM we started with the Hot Dog eating contest by the swimming pool.  It was fun as Charlie Ogden conducted the contest.  You will see the contestants in the pictures on the website.

 At five in the evening all were in the hospitality room for their individual pictures taken by James (Bumpy) Lanier ‘59 and his lovely wife Diane (Storey) Lanier ’62.

 At 6:00 PM, all were in the Banquet room.  Lenny Shores was the master of ceremonies and Paul Voorhees led with the blessing.  We all had buffet style pasta stations which were delicious.  After eating, the program started with Paul Voorhees with Reflections on Baker High School.  All introduced themselves and many told of their experiences at Baker High.  Charlie Ogden conducted the door prizes which were many and yours truly conducted the money raffle tickets which was won by Cheryl (Dunbar) Ivey ’62 and Janie (Willis) Nebl ‘62 .  Annette and Gwenette (Johnson) led the class song to the tune of Exodus and Lenny Shores, Charlie Ogden, Annette and Gwenette led the Alma Mater.  A cheer was performed by some of the former cheerleaders.

On Sunday morning many of us met for breakfast at the Holiday Inn. After breakfast we bid goodbye's to all and it was somewhat sad. It was a certainly great time.


 It was a great time for all and when you see the video of the reunion, perhaps from someone who attended, you will regret not going.  If some of you who did not attend the 50 yr. reunion would like a DVD of the entire reunion you can send $10.00 to:  Sandye (Johnson) Nazario, 4512 Randall Dr., Columbus, GA 31909,  and we will send you a copy.  You must do this by November 14, 2014.  All who attended will get a DVD as it was included in your registration fees.  It is about a 35 minute DVD. 

It has been suggested that we, who attended, write our own reflections of the BHS Class of 1964 reunion.  I will publish them sometime in the near future.  Thanks.

 Ismael (Ish) Nazario ‘61

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