Anne Heape McKillips

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Anne Heape
Anne Heape


Anne Heape


Anne Heape


Yes! Attending Reunion
Class Year: 1965
Residing In: Atlanta, GA USA
Spouse/Partner: Gary McKillips
Occupation: retired
Children: Robert (Tracy) lives in St. Louis (1968)
David (Kristen) lives in Dallas (1971)
Brian (Jen) More…lives in Oakland, CA (1975)

Mike and Ryan (twins) - in St. Louis, MO
Calvin and Payton - in Dallas, TX
Ashley, Emma and Dylan - in Oakland, CA
Ashley attends High Point University In High Point, NC


Had my own business, sold it in 2006. Now traveling, proofing books (which I never knew I would enjoy), and enjoying family.

Have been to all 50 states and 54 countries and trying for more. Goal is all continents - still working on that. Avid cruisers. Have done 4 transatlantic cruises.

Have been through the Panama Canal, climbed the Great Wall of China, been to the Artic Circle, experienced the Midnight Sun. Favorite

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List any BAKER LION brothers and/or sisters! Or brothers/sisters who went to other schools - understand - it happened! And also, please let us know your parents' names and whether they went to Baker or not....and what Class year!

Lou Heape Beale 1967
Arlene Heape Hull left Baker after her freshman year
Nila Heape Halloran did not attend Baker

What did you always want to do that you haven't done yet?

Skydiving - but now I know better!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Proofing books (never thought I would enjoy this but I do)

travel, cruises, visiting family, - plan all our travel, next trip is to South America in March 2020 - turns out our 14 day cruise coincided with the Coronavirus. Left Feb 26 for Buenos Aires supposed to return March 16. Returned March 30. An experience....

Words with Friends and Wheel of Fortune on the IPad. Reading all sorts of books - classics, mystery, romantic

Active in Condo Association, neighborhood association, belong to two book clubs. Like book clubs beause they get me out of my comfort zone on books I read

Any words of wisdom?

It was said you couldn't build a business like I did. But I did. If you really think something is right, legal and in a business you know, go for it. Don't let others tell you what you can't do! You can be the success you want to be. Only you can define success.

My favorite movie of all time is:

Dr. Zhivago

My favorite books are:

Moby Dick - by far the most difficult book I ever read but if you make yourself finish it, you will agree.


Columbia, SC

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Anne Heape McKillips 2010
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Anne and Gary McKillips Athens, Greece August 2015
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Anne and Gary McKillips Dublin, Ireland July 2012
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In Cuba being carried down the steps by one very strong Cuban while i had a boot on my broken foot